Inspect Your Used Car Before You Buy

by | Mar 2, 2016 | Automobile


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Buying a used car can be exciting. After putting in the time to look around online, you’re about to go look at something you’ve had your heart set on. However, what should someone look for when they’re inspecting a potential car? When shopping at a Mazda dealer in Frankfort, inspecting a potential car is in extremely important step when determining whether or not to make your investment, and there are some things to look for to ensure you’re getting a good deal.

Inspections are Important

Take the car to a mechanic. Before you buy, have a trusted mechanic, or family member who you trust, to take a look with the car on a lift. Lots of possible problems can be easily hidden under the car, as most people are concerned with what’s under the hood. A mechanic can thoroughly inspect all aspects of your future car, to make sure that it is really road ready. At a Mazda dealer in Frankfort, you can be sure you’ll get a hassle free inspection process.

Having a mechanic look at your car can prove to be advantageous during the haggling process. If the car has a significant issue, you may be able to get the dealer to fix it at no cost to you if you buy the car, or you may be able to get the price lowered.

If you cannot get a mechanic to inspect your car, try and bring someone with you who is knowledgeable about cars. Any extra help is better than none, and the last thing you want to feel is overwhelmed when thinking about your future investment.

Look at Ownership Records

Another aspect to inspecting your car before hand is getting a hold of car maintenance, accidents or damage, and ownership records. These are usually becoming more and more available as a standard service at dealerships, but if buying from a private seller, it is absolutely vital that you obtain this information. These comprehensive reports give you a very detailed history about the car, and can hint at information that some private sellers may try to leave out.

A great idea is to look up problems that may come specifically to that make or model you’re looking at. Some models of cars have quirks, and at a certain mileage point, these quirks start to come about. If you hear your model tends to need new water pump at one hundred thousand miles, be sure to have the water pump looked at to see if it needs any immediate replacing. This can help when looking into older cars, as most repairs happen after the warranty expires.

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