Using Towing Service Richmond VA After Hitting A Deer

by | Feb 26, 2016 | Auto Repair


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When someone hits a deer while driving their vehicle, they will want to do the proper steps in getting their vehicle and themselves off the road while they wait for a Towing Service Richmond VA. There are many additional steps that will need to be taken afterwards.

First, call for medical assistance if anyone in the vehicle had become injured from the impact. If someone is injured, they should remain stationary until help arrives. If the deer is in the street, authorities should be notified so they can remove it before another vehicle makes impact with it. The police will usually know who to call to do this work. Call the police to alert them of the situation in case they need to direct traffic.

Pull the vehicle to the side of the road. If the deer is in the middle of the street, open the vehicle driver’s side door so oncoming traffic will slow down. Putting on the hazard lights are also a good idea if it is day time. If the incident happened at night, turn on the interior light to the vehicle. Putting on hazard lights is risky as other motorists would not know if the vehicle was stopped or just slowed down, possibly putting the vehicle at risk for impact to the back. Contact a reputable towing service to inform them of the incident via a website like

Wait for the towing service to arrive. It is best to stay inside the vehicle. If someone comes up to the vehicle asking if help is needed, politely decline and tell them the authorities have been notified. When the towing service arrives, take photographs of the damage and the deer if possible. This will be able to be given to the insurance company so they will pay for any damage sustained to the vehicle. It is a good idea to call the insurance from the site in case they want to send an adjuster. In most cases they will wait until the vehicle is off the road. Have the towing service in Richmond, VA bring the vehicle to a body shop for repair.

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