How the Collision Industry Continues to Transform

by | Sep 21, 2016 | Automotive


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The collision industry had seen a fall during the period of recession in the United States. But after 2014, the scenario has changed. The collision repair Aurora has been transforming a lot. Few factors such as technology and demand have fueled the changes. Here is an insight of how the collision repair Aurora has evolved over the years.

Increasing Use of Vehicles

Since 2014, every year there has been a good sale of over a million vehicles. The employment rate has also increased. That means, there is an increase in vehicles on the road and the probability of accidents as well. Although it is not a good speculation, it is a fact.

The good thing about the improved technology is that people are safe during minor accidents due to the precautionary measures in the vehicles. But the vehicles fall into the collision repair Aurora.

There was a decrease in the number of automotive shops in the US during 2010-11 who had expertise in collision repair. Now that there has been an increase in the number of vehicles that need collision repair, the experts in the collision repair Aurora are in demand.

Improving Technology

Vehicle owners claim insurance when there is any damage to the vehicles during accidents. The collision repairers work hand-in-hand with the insurance companies for the deadline and types of the repairs that can be handled. There has been a major improvement in repair technologies in the recent past helping the collision repairers meet the deadline.

The vehicle manufacturing technology has also seen tremendous improvement. There are many crash avoidance techniques, increases roof strength, fuel economy management, and much complex construction engineering.

Customer Satisfaction

The social media and cell phone technologies have played a key role in improving customer experience. There are schemes such as Direct Repair Programs (DRP) where the collision repairers tie up with insurance companies. There are facilities such as free estimates of the repair even before the customer decides to get the vehicle repaired. All these have made the life of the consumers easier.

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