The Early Warning Signs You Need Car Radiator Repair in Wildomar, CA

by | Oct 4, 2016 | Automotive


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Repairing your radiator involves knowing what you are looking for and where to go. Radiator problems tend to be critical and costly, but they are not terribly complex. A car radiator repair specialist can fix or replace your radiator in a short amount of time. You have to know when to go to one, though. It’s better if you go to the repair specialist before the problem becomes serious. Look for these signs.

Temperature Fluctuations

Your car has a thermometer on the dashboard that keeps track of temperature. Your radiator is responsible for keeping your engine within a manageable temperature range. If it’s too hot, you will start to damage your engine. That will jeopardize even more than just your radiator. If you notice that the temperature gauge is fluctuating wildly or that the temperature is routinely in the red, you need to seek a car radiator repair in Wildomar, CA.

Coolant Levels

The level of coolant in your radiator is important. That is the actual liquid that keeps your engine from overheating. You need to maintain a good level of coolant at all times. You should check it regularly. If the coolant is low, you should fill it back up to recommended levels. If the level of cooling drops quickly or repeatedly, you have some kind of leak. If you suspect a leak, you should seek car radiator repair.

Steam or Smoke

Your radiator is incredibly hot. If you see any sign of steam or smoke coming from your radiator, you should get it inspected. This is an indication that something is burning or leaking. There should never be steam coming from your radiator.

As a note of caution, there are incredibly high temperatures and high pressure levels in your radiator. You should never attempt to open your radiator on your own, especially if your car has been running. Always take it to a professional.

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