Tips For The Used Car Buyer

by | Nov 20, 2015 | Automotive


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In the last few years there have been significant changes in the used car market, new cars are made better, that means used cars are also better. The second important factor is the rise in leasing rather than outright purchase.

Even though used cars are better than they were in the past, they are still used; they are only a good deal if they are in good condition. Buying a used Subaru Impreza in Chicago takes more work than buying the same car new. Although you may have chosen the model that you want, you still have to negotiate a price that is within your budget. You also have to make sure the car is in sound condition inside and out.

If you are in the market for a used Subaru Impreza in Chicago here are a few tips to help you get the best deal.

   * The exterior: Walk around the car slowly, look closely for any signs of rust, a dead giveaway is bubbles under the paint, especially around the moldings. If the car has had fresh undercoating this could indicate that it is hiding rust. If the car has had a recent paint job this can either indicate that there was considerable rust or that the car has been involved in a collision. Look for evidence of broken or cracked glass in the headlights and taillights, make sure all four tires match and they are wearing equally. Open and shut all the doors, a door which is difficult to operate can be a sign that the frame has been damaged.
* The interior: Investigate everything, look for any missing knobs or door handles; check to make sure the radio works as well as the windshield wipers, air conditioning, heater, power windows and power door locks. Check the odometer numbers are they in line with what might be expected for a used car of its age?

   * Under the hood: Pull all the dipsticks; make sure the fluid levels are correct. Any fluid levels that are low are usually an indication that the car has not been well maintained or perhaps there is a leak. Look under the car, if there are any leaks they should show up on the pavement.

   * The test drive: Even a used car that meets the tests noted may not pass the road test. While driving the car listen for any odd noises, how does the car feel? A few things to pay particular attention to is brakes which tend to fade or grind, gear changes that are not smooth, difficult steering or poor suspension.

If the used Subaru Impreza in Chicago passes all your tests you might consider one last move, take it to an independent mechanic and have him go over the car. This little added precaution will only cost a few dollars but it will put your mind at ease.

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