An Efficient Automobile Requires a Quality Auto Transmission Repair Service in Forest Lake MN

by | Nov 12, 2015 | Auto Repair


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There are a number of necessary subsystems on a vehicle such as the cooling system used to keep the engine from overheating or the brakes that stop the vehicle from moving, but one of the most important is the transmission. This complex device is required to transfer the raw power of the engine to the wheels. The transmission is also necessary to remove part of the engine’s load when driving longer distances. This is done by changing gear ratios so the engine runs at a lower RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) and can use the remaining power for more speed. Unfortunately, the transmission is under a lot of stress and will eventually need auto transmission repair service in Forest Lake MN.

Common failures in the transmission depend on what type it is. For instance, the automatic transmission may begin to slip once it has been operated for many miles. Some transmission problems can be avoided by keeping the unit well maintained. This includes occasionally replacing the fluid and cleaning the filter. These are actually jobs for an experienced mechanic because most transmission filters are inside the unit and need the pan to be removed. An Auto Transmission Repair Service in Forest Lake MN should provide this service.

Another option is the transmission flush. This technique works by forcing fresh fluid through the transmission. Clean fluid washes out all the tiny channels inside the device. This eliminates blockage from grime or any metal shavings that may be inside the device. Metal shavings often occur when the gears are worn or damaged. In this case, cleaning may not help much.

The other type of transmission is the standard shift model. These are common in trucks and certain small vehicles. The primary point of failure in this type of transmission is the clutch. This is the component that separates the engine and transmission whenever the driver shifts gears. As the driver pushes the pedal, a bearing in the clutch mechanism pushes on the steel fingers of the pressure plate. This causes the plate to release pressure on the clutch, so that is rotates freely. This repeated action causes the clutch to wear. This failure can be adjusted out provided the clutch plate isn’t heavily worn. Visit to learn more.

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