Benefits Offered by LED Strobes for Vehicles

by | Dec 2, 2015 | Automotive


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The majority of precincts want to spend a minimal amount of money when it comes to the equipment and vehicles their officer’s use. However, a smart option, that may be a bit more costly initially, is to purchase LED strobe warning lights. Since these are more expensive many people are sticking with the traditional options; however, when you learn about the benefits, you may rethink the option that is right for you.

Provide Money Savings Benefits in the Long Run
Even though LED strobe lights will cost more upfront, they are a smart investment that will help you actually save money over time. The lights are designed to last line than other types of lighting options, simply because of the technology that goes into the creation of the bulbs.

When you opt for more traditional lights, which use an older technology, you will wind up having to replace the bulbs around every month, or more, based on how frequently they are used. The traditional halogen and incandescent bulbs will last approximately 1000 hours, while the LED lights can last as much as 50000 hours.

Energy Efficiency
Most people are not putting energy efficiency at the top of their list when considering their vehicle, but the light bars that are on top will use the battery, and in many situations may drain it completely. However, because of the way that LED bulbs are designed, they do not require as much energy, so the lights can be left on for several hours without negatively impacting the vehicle’s battering. Even as they age, the LED strobe lights will work properly, without diminishing in light output like the older technology may.

Brighter Output
Another important consideration when looking for a strobe light is the brightness. If the light is not bright enough, it may fail to provide a warning that you are coming. An emergency LED light is superior to any other type of light options because they provide a focused light beam. Chances are you will find that people will notice that you are coming sooner and provide safe passage when you implement the use of an LED strobe light.

Maintenance Free Option
Traditional types of lighting are well-known for breaking or becoming loose, but LEDs don’t require much maintenance since they are much less likely to burn out or become loose. This means that you will spend much money in replacing the bulbs or the labor that is needed to change them.

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