Signs that You Need Brake Replacement in Forest Lake, MN

Brakes require friction to completely stop the vehicle. When they become worn from usage, their stopping power is not as strong. This can turn into a major safety issue. The deterioration will continue until they fail completely. Your brakes will give signs that they are fundamentally failing.

One of the signs that you need Brake Replacement in Forest Lake MN is a sharp, high-pitched mechanical noise. The brake pads act to protect the brakes from touching the wheels. The metal on metal action will cause a metallic sound. The sound is a sign that there is trouble with your breaking system. Metal can deform from the heat as the friction continues to build up. This can completely destroy the axle and the wheel systems in the car. If left too long, it can cause thousands in repair.

Another sign that you need Brake Replacement in Forest Lake MN is pushing down the brake pedal to the floor before the stoppage begins. If it takes a long time for the braking system to engage, you are losing valuable seconds at stopping. These seconds can translate to distance. If you are close to another car and you need the full pedal, you may run into the car ahead of you before the brakes engage.

The drag of the car is another common indication that you need Brake Replacement in Forest Lake MN. Cars can drag if their brake systems are not releasing properly. The brakes are still engaging and placing the drag on the car. This drag will stop the car from accelerating properly. This can hamper your gas mileage and may create problems with the car’s motor. If left for too long, the car will need extensive repairs to get it back on the road.

Your braking system can cause different issues with your car. Because your brakes help to ensure that your car stops in a timely manner, you may get into an accident if your brake system fails. If you need your braking system replaced, contact American Imports. You should also click here to learn more about getting brakes for your car and getting it back on the road.

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