Signs that Your Car Needs Auto Mechanical Repair in Indianapolis, IN

by | Mar 16, 2015 | Auto Parts, Automobile, Automotive, Vehicle Repair


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Cars are composed of a myriad of mechanical parts. All of these parts have to work together in harmony to provide the best efficiency for propulsion. When something is out of sync, the car loses performance, and will eventually breakdown. Often, there are signs that the car engine is in trouble. So, you should get your engine checked out if one of these signs becomes evident. You need to contact Pete’s Service Center to find out more.

One of the signs that you need Auto Mechanical Repair in Indianapolis IN is the sound of knocking in the engine. An engine knock is never a good sign. This could indicate that a part has come loose or is rubbing against another part. While the exact cause of the knocking has to be investigated, this is a sign that your engine is experiencing damage that can affect all parts of your engine.

Another sign that your engine is in trouble is when you see leakage. Leakage of oil is the most common type of fluid coming out of the engine. But there could also be leakage from coolant that is located in the radiator. A loss of fluid will lead to engine breakdowns. Because fluid is so important for cooling and lubrication, the increased friction can cause damage to other engine parts. If left to go dry, the engine will seize up.

The gauges in your engine are a part of monitoring your engine’s health. So, you will need Auto Mechanical Repair in Indianapolis IN if your gauges indicate a problem such as your check engine light coming on. This indicator should not be ignored because it does signal a potential problem. Your engine will need to have a diagnostic scan run on it to figure out which part of the engine is malfunctioning. This scan reveals a code which will indicate where the problem is so that it can be addressed.

These are some of the signs that you should pay attention to with your car’s engine. If one of these signs is indicated, contact Pete’s Service Center for a check of your engine. For more information on different types of repairs, Visit the website.

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