Truck Washing For Dallas Texas

by | Jun 12, 2015 | Business


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For of all; a note about this subject; the information given here could apply to just about any dirty motorized vehicle located just about anywhere in the Country. Truck washing in the Dallas TX area is being used as an example.

Truck Size & The Use It Is Being Put To

Any truck that goes out and does something is going to collect dirt, grime and grease – just the same as your personal automobile. But, because a truck has to earn its keep, it is going to be in near constant use over a wide variety of road terrain at all hours and in any weather. We all know how much “muck” gets thrown up from a wet road – not only spray from your own tires but, worse, great gushes of it from other vehicles passing from any direction –particularly on higher speed highways. Even when driving along a country road on a dry summer’s day; a lot of assorted bugs get smashed onto your windshield, headlights, front grill, etc. Then, when you park up under a shady tree; all sorts of things fall onto your roof – particularly overnight if birds are roosting there! Such animal and vegetable matter can be extremely difficult to remove – almost as bad as road tar.

Assuming a truck is being used for commercial purposes – delivery, haulage, whatever – it makes sound business sense for it to be maintained in a clean and shiny manner. In a way, when your truck makes a call, it is representing you and your business. Maybe you could accept a septic tank emptying truck to show some of the marks of its trade; but, what about a food delivery truck bringing produce to the supermarkets? In addition, most trucks are mobile advertisements – either for their owner or for the produce they are carrying. If the signage is buried under layers of road soil; the purpose is lost if no one can see them. There are, therefore, very good reasons for Truck Washing In Dallas Tx.

Who Does The Washing?

Washing any sort of vehicle is not all that complex an undertaking but, it can be a tedious, tiring job – if you own a trucking company – would you want to do it yourself? Maybe if you are both driver and owner of a single truck you might; but it is more likely that you would want to pay someone else to do it for you.

Also, would you want to make a substantial investment in high pressure water or steam cleaning equipment – plus a small treatment plant to dispose of the used water? You might feel that it makes better sense to subcontract the whole deal out to a third party such as Clean-Tex Powerwash who come out to you and provide mobile truck washing for Dallas TX.

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