Restore Collision Damage With Expert Auto Body Repair in Johnson County

by | Apr 3, 2015 | Automobile


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Your ride is a reflection of your personality. In fact, the automobile that you drive is often a statement of how you view yourself and how you want the world see you. When the vehicle gets damaged, the first thing you think about is repairs. Unfortunately, most automobile owners know nothing about body repair or how to apply paint. This is where auto body repair in Johnson County can come to your rescue. An experienced auto body technician can remove dents, apply paint, eliminate corrosion, or otherwise make your vehicle look great again.

One of the more common repairs many body shops employ is known as paintless dent repair. This is a simple technique where the mechanic uses a special adhesive and suction system to pop the dent out. This particular repair requires the dent to be fairly minor. That means that there should be no creases in the surrounding metal and that the paint should not have any fractures. Unfortunately, a hard enough impact can cause the paint to scrape off or crack. This type of repair will require the technician to match paint colors and blend the new paint into the old. Really severe damage may require the whole vehicle to be painted.

Some of the most severe collisions occur when the front of your vehicle impacts with another. In these types of accidents, the damage can spread over the whole front clip. This consists of the fenders, bumper, and grill areas. Unfortunately, there are a lot of decorative parts in this area, so the damage always looks worse than it really is. As long as there are no mechanical problems, and the frame isn’t damaged, then these damaged areas are reasonably easy to fix. This is because the front of the vehicle is designed to be taken apart.

An auto body repair in Johnson County specialist can remove only the parts that are damaged and reduce the length of the repair job. In some cases, the parts may need to be replaced, but an experienced body specialist can often hammer out many dents. Contact us for more information if your vehicle needs body repairs.

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