A Restricted Budget Is No Problem at Some Used Car Lots

by | Apr 6, 2015 | Automobile


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Sometimes, a person goes to Used Car Lots without any real specific idea of what he wants. Maybe this person is limited by budget and can’t be choosy. He mainly wants a used car in excellent working condition. He might strongly prefer something bigger, like a pickup truck or a sports utility vehicle. He would like the interior and exterior to be well-maintained. Everything else is negotiable.

At a used car dealership such as Heritage Motors Corporate Center, this individual is pleasantly surprised to find such a large selection of vehicles. He talks with a salesperson and explains that he only has $5,000 in cash and doesn’t want to take out a loan. For that price, it looks like he’ll need to buy a car or truck that’s a bit older and has high mileage, but that’s okay.

The car lot has numerous vehicles he can afford, all in great shape. Most are sedans, but he’s glad to see there are some SUVs available. The lot also has wagons for under $5,000, which opens up some new opportunities. The customer hadn’t really thought about a wagon, but these vehicles look similar to SUVs and would be just as functional for his family.

The customer and the sales rep take a few of the vehicles out for a ride. The salesperson is even ready to go out with him for a spin in a newer coupe, even though that’s not what this individual is shopping for at the moment. He has a friend who might want to buy this car.

There are some upscale sporty models on the lot that are intriguing, but they will have to wait until he’s in a better financial place. In the meantime, it’s reassuring to realize that some Used Car Lots are happy to work with people who have a restricted budget. That budget originally seemed like a difficulty but, with the selection of SUVs and wagons at the lot, it no longer is much of an issue. Now, the problem is deciding which vehicle to buy and, as they say, that’s a good problem to have.

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