Replacing The Batteries In A Golf Cart

by | Nov 8, 2016 | Business


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Golf carts come in two varieties: ones using internal combustion engines and those that run using electric motors. The electric golf carts are by far more common for several reasons: they do not produce emissions, they are quiet, they are generally safer and they require less maintenance. One of the main parts requiring maintenance on a golf cart are the batteries. Many electric golf carts run on a set of 6 6V batteries, each individual unit can be thought of as similar to half of a lead-acid cell in a standard car battery. There does come a time when the set of batteries stop carrying as much charge as they once did. If recharging them has been attempted and it does not seem to help, then perhaps it is time to replace the entire set of golf cart batteries. Even if there are a few good batteries left, their lifespans have been compromised by having to do the work of the faulty batteries. This is a short summary on how to do it.

Out with The Old

Start with the careful removal of the old set of batteries. It will help in the later installation step if a picture is taken of the layout in the battery compartment, which is usually below the seats. Adequate protective equipment such as acid resistant gloves and safety goggles should be used as there is usually acidic residue caused by corrosion of the metal components on and around the batteries.

Be sure to disconnect the negative terminal first and then the positive terminals of the batteries, in that order, starting with the main cables. Also, do not cause short circuits by linking up the positive and negative terminal posts of any battery unit. Doing so will result in sparks and will cause harm. Once everything is disconnected, open the brackets holding the batteries and remove the old set of batteries. Clean up any corrosion residue left in the compartment. Replace any cables in bad condition.

In with The New

Before purchasing new batteries, make sure that they are of the same specifications as the old set of batteries. Put the new batteries in the way the old batteries were laid out. Next, connect the positive terminal of one battery to the negative terminal of the next battery in the series. The aforementioned picture taken would be of great help. Again, be sure not to connect the positive and negative terminals of a single battery. After connecting all the batteries, put the seats back in place and the cart will be ready to go.

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