Essential Facts About Your Car Batteries

by | Nov 14, 2016 | Business


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Car batteries are rechargeable batteries that supply power to your vehicle. They are also known as SLI-starting, lighting, and ignition. As they are an integral part of a vehicle, you have to buy the right car battery for your vehicle.

Uses of Car Batteries

The main use of a car battery is to start the engine of your car. They are also used for filtering, stabilizing and supplying the required power for car accessories and for electrical lighting. The car battery also supplies power whenever a charging system is not able to handle the excess load.

Seven Facts You Should Know About Your Car Batteries

  1. Because car batteries are an essential part of your vehicle, regular check-up is required to make sure they are in proper condition.
  2. If well-maintained, a car battery can last up to 5 years.
  3. Depending upon your usage, maintenance and climatic conditions, a car battery may fail within 3 years of use.
  4. It is very important to have the correct battery for your vehicle. The number of equipment installed in your vehicle plays an important role in deciding the size and capacity of your battery. Check the car manual to find out the exact size of the car battery required for your vehicle.
  5. A non-sealed battery is fine in places where the climate is hot. If the climate is cold, you need to buy a sealed battery. To suit the changing climatic conditions, dual marine batteries, a combination of both sealed and non-sealed batteries are also available in the market.
  6. The disposal of a battery should be done in an environmental friendly manner.

It is important to know what kind of battery you have and whether you need to periodically add distilled water to it to keep it functioning. If you have an open, unsealed type of battery, this is the case. You will know because you will be able to easy lift the small caps to add the water. A sealed battery basically has a flat top with only the posts for the battery cables. Most car batteries today are the sealed type. For more information related, car batteries visit at website. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.

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