4 Things You May Not Know About RV Cargo Carriers

by | Nov 7, 2016 | Auto Parts


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If you own an RV you may also have an RV cargo carrier to haul additional items like bikes, luggage, or other things. They are great accessories to have and add to the pleasure and abilities of your RV adventures.

Additional Parts Needed to Hold Bikes, Other Items

One of the four things you may not know you need for your RV cargo carrier is a special part made to ensure that bikes or surfboards, etc. stay stable and upright. Some of these involve a crossbar that is held in place with special fasteners. Some are special baskets made for specific cargo.

You Might Need a Brake Light Kit

If you have a rear mounted RV cargo carrier, you may not realize that some RVs require that you have an additional brake light kit to allow you to use the brake lights in your RV. They are meant to be mounted onto a rear cargo box and sync up with your regular brake lights. Usually they are very simple to install and all you have to do is mount the lights and plug them in, and a plug is usually found beneath the rear of most vehicles.

Locks are Good Investment

RV cargo carriers also don’t come with locks, so it’s a great idea to buy a few good, strong locks to lock up your stuff. You can get locks to fit everything from cargo boxes to a bike rack. Don’t forget to get a lock for your hitch either, as people have been known to take both the hitch and your RV cargo carrier.

Don’t Forget to Consider Hitch Cargo Carrier Clearance Distances

The fourth thing to remember is that you always have to take into consideration the amount of hitch cargo carrier clearance distance you have for your RV cargo carrier. You have to make sure it fits alongside your spare tire or ladder, if you have them.

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