Keep That Vehicle Driving Smoothly With Quality Transmission Service or a Rebuilt Transmission in Chicago

by | Dec 2, 2016 | Auto Repair


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An automobile is a mixture of many components, but few of them are more complex than the transmission. Even a manual shifting Transmission in Chicago can be an intricate system since it requires a clutch mechanism and a number of gears to allow the vehicle to move faster while reducing engine load. Of course, manual shift or standard transmissions are very reliable devices, and most repair work for these automotive components revolve around the clutch. For instance, normal wear on the clutch plate requires a mechanic to adjust the clutch pedal, and too much wear forces them to replace the worn clutch, pressure plate, and throughout bearing.

The most common type of transmission in most vehicles today is the automatic shifting model. This device is a great convenience for most drivers because it allows them to ignore gear changes. However, the automatic transmission requires more maintenance than the standard one. For example, automatic transmissions should have their fluid frequently checked. Low fluid levels can result in serious problems, and the issues may not always be noticeable. One reason for this is that the fluid often seeps out while the vehicle is moving and gets spread around on the underside of the vehicle. This means no leaks are visible as puddles on the ground. Low fluid can result in damage to the internal clutches, and this can cause a buildup of channel-clogging sludge. The solution is to have an expert flush the system. Flushing a transmission in Chicago requires removing the old fluid and replacing it with fresh fluid.

Sometimes, no amount of maintenance will keep the transmission from failing. When this happens, there are two possibilities for repair. The first is to have a transmission shop rebuild the device, and the other is a factory rebuilt transmission. It may be possible to get a factory new replacement, but even if one is available, the cost of the replacement tends to be high. Factory rebuilt transmissions are actually a great choice because they replace every item in the transmission that can wear. Plus, they check all rotating parts, such as shafts, to ensure they turn true. This means the device is virtually the same as a new one. Visit our website at to learn more about transmission maintenance and repair.

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