Unusual Noises May Indicate Brake Problems

by | Dec 7, 2016 | Automobile


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The brake components on a vehicle are hidden away behind the wheel; as such it is difficult to see if there is a problem or if a problem is developing. This being the case, unusual noises from the brakes or odd braking behavior serves as the early warning system that brake repair in Tinley Park may be required.

Drivers should not ignore these early signs of problems, it is always far less expensive to repair problems early than to wait until other brake components are damaged which in turn leads to a more expensive repair. Even worse than paying more than you have to is applying the brakes and nothing happens.
Vehicle brakes have a hard job to do under difficult circumstances. Brakes are subjected to tremendous forces and high temperatures, even bringing a car to a stop from highway speeds will result in red hot discs. And never forget, brakes have to perform under all weather conditions including rain, ice and snow.

There are a couple of noises that you should not overlook:


If the brakes on your car grind, this is serious and you must seek brake repair in Tinley Park as soon as possible. The noise comes from brake rotor to caliper contact, this means that the brake pads have completely worn out. Although wear is the usual reason for brake grinding, a foreign object can be picked up off the road and lodge in the caliper operating mechanism. Service is mandatory for any brake problems.


Rattling is actually quite common, it often happens when you let off on the brake pedal. You may hear a noise similar to that when you shake a pressurized can of spray paint. The cause is usually traceable to the brake pads, they often rattle when they become over heated and expand. Although it is normal for this to happen periodically under certain conditions, if it becomes consistent there may be a problem that needs attending to.

The brakes on your car are a critical component and any odd braking behavior or noise may be an indication that brake repair in Tinley Park is required. You are invited to visit VIP Tire & Auto Centers online at www.viptire.com/auto-repairs/brake-repair.aspx for service and repair.

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