Important Facts about Wheel Hub Assembly

by | Jan 15, 2016 | Auto Parts


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It is very easy to tell when you need to replace your car’s wheel hub assembly. One very clear sign is when you hear a humming sound coming from your vehicle’s wheels. When you have a faulty wheel hub assembly has to be replaced right away in order to prevent more damage being done to the vehicle as well as for your safety. You will be ultimately compromising the overall quality of your vehicle. You have to keep in mind that the wheel hub assembly plays a very important role when it comes to the handling of your vehicle.

Many experts suggest that you have the hub assembly replaced every 100,000 miles. When you do get it replaced you must make sure that you have the highest quality parts. If there is any grinding that comes from inside of the hub then it means there is a severe problem with the hub bearing. If you turn the wheel of your car and notice an unusual sound you should take it to a mechanic right away as it could be a serious problem with the wheel bearing. It becomes a safety issue because when you make a turn you could lose control of your vehicle and cause an accident.


Making sure your wheel hub assembly is safe can have a big impact on you and your family. It has the ability impact your speed sensor as well as your anti-lock braking system. It also impacts how fast each wheel is turning. When there is an emergency situation this system has the ability to determine if anti-lock braking is even necessary. If your anti-lock brakes are not working properly then this could cause a serious accident and you don’t want to put you or your family at risk.

Your wheel hub bearing is not something you can see but it is very important in terms of the safety of your vehicle. Your wheels will turn freely and put you at significantly less risk than if you were to have a faulty wheel bearing. If you have an older vehicle, chances are it can be serviced and checked on a regular basis and you should do so every year if possible. Most people are unaware of its importance, but wheel hubs impact how your drive, how you brake, and how safe you are in your vehicle every single day.

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