An Auto Repair Center in Berryville VA Is Ready to Repair Winter-Related Collision Damage

by | Dec 28, 2015 | Automotive


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Automotive technicians at an auto repair center in Berryville VA are familiar with vehicle damage that occurs during the winter. Virginia’s climate is mild compared with more northern realms, but icy and snowy conditions do develop on occasion. In some ways, that mild climate works against drivers, since they don’t get much practice driving in wintry conditions. Remembering some tips for safe driving on slippery roads can prevent collisions.

Removing the foot from the gas pedal when the car starts to skid is important. Skidding sideways automatically slows the car down, and the driver can help that process along by not giving it any gas. Anti-lock brakes have been standard on passenger vehicles since the 1990s, which helps prevent the severe fishtailing that occurred when drivers instinctively slammed the brake pedal down during a skid. People who still drive a vehicle without this safety feature must take care to gently pump the brake pedal so the brakes don’t lock up. When winter collisions do occur, an Auto Repair Center in Berryville VA can provide prompt service to get the car or truck looking like new again.

Another point to remember is where icy conditions are more likely to develop. Drivers need to use extra caution on bridges and overpasses, as they are not protected from cold wind blowing over the road. In addition, when a driver turns onto a road that hasn’t experienced much recent traffic, it’s also more likely to be slippery.

A driver must maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front to avoid rear-ending it if slippery conditions occur and braking isn’t as effective as usual. That means staying further behind than the driver normally would. If the car or truck in front starts to slide, drivers in the back must be quick to react and not be following so closely that a chain reaction of collisions occurs.

A garage such as Patriot Collision Center has skilled auto body technicians with experience in repairing and replacing damaged components. Anyone who has had an unfortunate episode during winter weather can begin the process of getting an estimate by visiting the website.

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