Five Challenges for Motorcycle Riders

by | Feb 5, 2015 | Automobile


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If you are considering your motorcycle license BC riders should be aware of some of the unique challenges you will face on the road. Here are five of the most dangerous challenges for the motorcycle rider:

1. Drivers’ Blind Spot : Once you get your motorcycle license in BC you might be invisible to many drivers on the road. It is far easier to be in a driver’s blind spot on your motorcycle than when driving a car. Take care to make sure you are visible to drivers and if you feel you are in their blind spot either slow down to let them pass, or safely speed up and pass them. This will keep you in view of drivers who depend only on their mirrors when changing lanes.

2. Poorly Maintained Roads : In a car you have a more balanced vehicle that can take the occasional pot hole or divot in the pavement. However on a motorcycle, if you are not paying attention a simple patch of gravel, small pot hole or uneven surface can cause you to lose control of your motorcycle. Pay special attention to the surface ahead to avoid losing control.

3. Road Debris: It is not just damaged roads that can be a danger. You can run into debris on the road or highway that can be seriously dangerous for the motorcycle rider. Again it is all about being aware of what lies ahead so you can avoid it safely. Use the rear brakes to navigate dangers is you are unable to avoid it altogether.

4. Vehicles Pulling Out: Be especially cautious when approaching side roads, parking lots and driveways. Many drivers are not aware of motorcycles and will pull out too suddenly. If you are on the lookout you can slow down a bit just to be safe. As well there can be hidden driveways which can be very dangerous. If it makes you feel safer you can always opt to drive in the inside lane when it is available.

5. All Intersections: It is sad to say, but once you get your motorcycle license in BC intersections can prove to be the most dangerous areas you encounter. The most important things to watch for are cars turning right across your path and left turning traffic that will come in front of you.

These tips will help keep you more aware of the potential hazards you will encounter when out riding your motorcycle.

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