New vs. Used: Why Pre-Owned Vehicles Are a Perfect Fit

by | Feb 2, 2015 | Automobile


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You have several options to choose from when buying a used car in and around Edmonds. With many dealerships selling brand new, top of the line vehicles, it can be easy to overlook the high quality and reliability these used cars offer. For many potential owners, a pre-owned vehicle will serve just as well as a new one–if not better. It’s a large decision to make without all of the facts, so here are some of the qualities that make used vehicles the best choice for your purchase.

High Value, Low Price

Buying a pre owned SUV in Edmonds has never been easier!
It’s a commonly-known fact in Edmonds that buying a pre-owned SUV or car will cost immediately less than buying that same car brand-new, but people often underestimate just how much value pre owned cars can generate in the long run. As a new car is operated it begins to lose resale value, meaning you most likely won’t break even on the eventual sale of that car. But a used car has already been operated, so its resale value is set and you’ll be able to eventually resell it at a price that’s much closer to what you paid for it. It’s also important to factor the cost of insurance into any automotive purchase, as used vehicles are often much cheaper to insure than new ones.

A Car You Can Depend On

Peace of mind when buying a used car in Edmonds at best price. One issue new car owners face is the worry of product recalls and malfunctions. Because models are so new, owners may discover unforeseen issues, and may even find themselves stuck with a car they find unsuitable for the streets of Edmonds. Buying a pre owned SUV or car means the model is older, and thus safe from current recalls. Knowing your vehicle has had a previous owner also means the car is tested and runs without problems. This allows a buyer peace of mind, knowing their new purchase is reliable and dependable, ready for any situation it will face.

Why Buy Certified?

When you buy a certified pre owned SUV, you’re buying the best Edmonds has to offer!
For the best value and reliability, there’s no better choice than a certified pre owned vehicle at Rich’s Car Corner. Certification is the mark of a manufacturer’s approval upon a car, ensuring your choice is the highest quality. Each certified vehicle is given a thorough multipoint inspection by a manufacturer-approved mechanic to ensure standards are met. Any part of the vehicle that does not meet standards is replaced with appropriate working parts for maximum safety. To guarantee your peace of mind, each certified vehicle comes with an extended warranty, so you know your new purchase is dependable. If a certified pre owned vehicle sounds right for you, start your search at for a selection of the very best!

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