Early Warning Signs that You Need Brake Service North Riverside

by | May 22, 2013 | Automotive


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Car owners should always take very good care of their cars. One of the most important servicing projects on a car is the brakes. Since your brakes are what help you to stop, this is not something that can be ignored or prolonged. The best method for keeping up on your brakes is to be sure that you take your vehicle to a Brake Service North Riverside Shop at the same time that you have your oil and filters changed. This can prevent major issues from arising and keep your brakes in working order.

Signs You Need Your Brakes Serviced

If you’re a new motorist, or you have a new vehicle it may be complicated for you to determine when it is time to have them checked out by a Brake Service North Riverside Technician. Here are a few signs you should look out for.

Squeaking Noises

-; A squeaking sound is by far one of the most common signs for brake repair. There are some more modern brake systems that will give a warning sign. As your pads get lower they will begin to make a squeaking or scratching sound as the metal from the pedal and pad rub together. The sounds might start off low, but after some time you will be able to clearly hear the squeaking sound.

Vibrating or Shaking Pedals

-; when you place your foot on the brake pedal do you feel it shaking or vibrating. This is an early sign that your system is failing. As the rotors on your brakes heat up and cool down throughout the day it can become warped creating an unbalanced surface. You will need to visit a Bake Service North Riverside Technician to replace your rotors.

Loss of Brake Fluids

-; Another sign that its time to seek a repair shop is if your brake pedal almost touches the floor when you apply pressure. This could mean that you are losing brake fluid and/or pressure in the system. This is a dangerous symptom as you need a certain amount of pressure to properly step on the brakes.

These warning signs should be paid attention to and reported to a Brake Service North Riverside technician before it is too late. Allowing these signs to go without repair could result in a horrible motor vehicle accident or the need to replace the entire brake system which could be costly.

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