What is the job of a bike mechanic?

by | May 23, 2013 | Automobile


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A person who does cycle repairs in Birmingham builds new bicycles as well as repairs older ones. The bike mechanic is charged with the responsibility of keeping a bike safe and a pleasure to ride. There are many little things that need work on a bike but the most complex and involved is lacing a wheel with new spokes. Other complicated repairs that the mechanic undertakes is repairing and servicing the bikes gear shifting mechanism called the derailleur. Although mountain bikes are built for tough duty, periodically one will have a bent frame component which needs straightening. This can be quite complex as many exotic materials are being used to manufacture frames and when doing cycle repairs Birmingham, the mechanic must be aware of the different techniques used for straightening different materials.

A basic task that happens day in and day out for the bike mechanic is assembling a new bike. Most of the complicated assembly has been done at the factory, about the only thing the mechanic has to do is to add a few accessories that could not be done in the factory otherwise the shipping box would be too large. The things that are left off the bike are the pedals and the handlebars. Bike owners rely on the bike mechanic to make an annual overhaul which entails full lubrication, brake component replacement and, if necessary, tyre replacement.

The basic task’s of a bike mechanic that does cycle repairs in Birmingham are not difficult, but aside from these routine tasks lays the world of competitive biking. Often, teams that field competitive bikes in moto-cross, mountain biking and road racing have their own dedicated mechanic to keep the teams machines working properly. These bikes which are made for the purpose of competition are usually made from light weight composite materials that demand a level of expertise to work with it; maintain it and repair it. Lightweight frames and wheels made from carbon-fibre or magnesium are difficult to repair even for the most skilled mechanic.

Many skilled bike mechanics can design and build one-of-a-kind bikes for serious competitors. New frame, wheels and drive mechanisms can be created which takes the bicycle from simply something to ride to a high tech piece of transportation technology.


Bike Fixers provide mobile cycle repairs in Birmingham. The mechanics can go to wherever you are and make the repairs rather than have you transport the bike to the shop.

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