Narrowing Down Cars For Sale San Luis Obispo

by | May 21, 2013 | Uncategorized


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When it is time to buy a new car, how do you know which brand to buy? With many Cars For Sale San Luis Obispo available to you, you might chose to focus on what you know or what is important to you. There are many resources out there to tap into for information. One resource is consumer satisfaction surveys.

A survey by Consumer Reports National Research Center found that car buyers have shifted their focus recently. The survey measures the consumer’s perception of the brand and not actual measurements of performance or functionality. The shift in the economy has lead buyers to value lower operating costs and better reliability. Safety has also become more of a primary focus for car buyers. It appears that these things lead Toyota to drop a bit in favorability but the brand still leads the survey as the best brand. With safety becoming more of a concern, it appears that Toyota’s recall issues a few years ago are still tainting the brand image. In a new development, smart cars and electric cars have started to hold their own in the survey categories. Even though some of the brands are not as well-known over all, such as Tesla, they scored strong with consumers familiar with the brand.

The same survey asked how important each area was to the respondents when they make a car purchase. Safety topped the list and was followed by quality, value and performance. With these factors in mind, the survey discovered that the brands that used to lead the way a few years ago are rated much more closely to their competitors now. There isn’t as much to distinguish one brand from another, at least as far as consumer perception goes. This can factor into your new car purchase.

If you do not feel that one brand is particularly better than the other you can focus your research on the features you feel you need to have. Being able to narrow down your choices of the available cars for sale in San Luis Obispo by features or performance needs should make the buying process easier. You won’t need to test drive the cars that don’t match your criteria and you can more quickly find a car that will make you happy.


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