Take 50 CC’s To Stave Off Winter’s Descent

by | Dec 11, 2015 | Car rental‎


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Everyone seems to be in love in fall. It’s a romantic time where the trees start to glow and morph into a sea of cascading reds, oranges and yellows. Holding hands with your sweetheart and tightening the collar of your jacket closer to your chin all feel like acts of appreciation for this magical time of year. Chimneys smoke, football is on and nothing sounds better for dinner than a nice hot cup of soup. But soon fall turns to winter and depending on where you live, those romantic, nostalgic feelings can fade or transform into grouchiness and hostile feelings towards the now bitter, relentless snow and chill. With the trees now bare and the temperature securely below 10 degrees, it would seem winter is here for good and the only way to get away from this frozen wasteland is to escape by travel.

The Southernmost State Does It Backwards

In a state where it rains more in the summer than it does the winter, you’d think it was below the equator, but it’s not. Florida is known for its tropical weather, particularly its mild winters, which is why it’s such a popular destination for snowbirds (a northerner who moves to a southern state in the winter) and retirees. West Palm Beach, in particular, is a wonderfully exciting melting pot of cultures and entertainment that can feel just about as opposite from the snowy tundra your plane, train or car just came from. White sand beaches and swaying palm trees insist that you relax, that you wear sandals and a button up made of a lighter, more breathable fabric. This part of the country insists you have a good time.

Make Sightseeing An Adventure

For many, an escape to Florida is tradition, like putting lights up after Thanksgiving. So in order to spice things up, many vacationers have caught on to one of Florida’s best modes of travel: scooters. West Palm Beach scooter rentals are continuing to grow more and more popular. Most West Palm Beach scooter rentals have a 50 cc motor, automatic transmission and responsive, powerful brakes—perfect scooters for the short distance travelling this city calls for. With your essentials in the storage securely locked beneath your seat and your helmet fastened tight, you’re ready to zip through the streets and soak up the warmth, cuisine and culture for a few days, so you’ll have enough warm memories and good vibes to last the remaining cold months winter has in store for you back home.

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