A Guide to Vehicle Maintenance and Transmission Repair

by | Sep 8, 2015 | Auto & Transmission Repair


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A faulty transmission can keep a car from performing at its peak, and in some cases it can prevent it from working at all. If a person finds themselves needing transmission repair, they have several options. Repairs associated with automatic transmissions are much different from those associated with standard transmissions.

Repairs for Automatic Transmissions

For most vehicles, automatic transmission issues are hard to find and harder to fix. Transmissions in newer cars have electronic sensors and computers attached, and finding the source of the issue can be tricky. Auto transmission problems may be as simple as a low level of fluid, or it could be a deep internal issue. Computerized diagnostics can help technicians determine where an issue comes from, but older vehicles still need manual testing.

Because it is so hard to assess and fix automatic transmission malfunctions, vehicle maintenance on these transmissions can be very costly; in some cases it can be several thousand dollars. With luck, the vehicle may be under a warranty where the owner can take it to the dealer. Dealers have the most experience with particular makes and models, but service centers that work only on transmissions, such as, are another good choice. A general mechanic may not have the right tools for this kind of work, nor may they be certified to repair transmissions.

Repairs for Standard Transmissions

Repairs on standard transmissions are substantially simpler than those on automatic transmissions. Standard transmissions don’t have any of the electrical or computerized components present in an automatic; rather, it has mechanical parts that are easier to find fault in and replace. Basic upkeep consists of changing transmission fluid at the recommended intervals. Most repair centers can work on standards, but vehicle owners should still consider going to a shop that specializes in transmission repairs.

Because most modern automobiles have very complex electronic components in automatic transmissions, most vehicle maintenance on those models will be time consuming and expensive. A solid, long lasting warranty can take away many of a car owner’s worries, and it can take some of the disadvantages away from owning a car with an automatic transmission.

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