Types of Replacement Parts Needed If You Want to Restore Classic Cars

by | Aug 12, 2019 | Auto & Transmission Repair, Auto Parts


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The restoration of a classic car can be a dream project or a total nightmare depending on how well you budget and plan. Here are some of the most common types of replacement parts needed for classic car restoration, whether you need classic Ford parts or components for another make or model.


If a classic car has hardly seen any use over the years and has sat lifeless on property, you’ll want to start with the engine. It’s rare to come across a classic car with a fully functional engine.

To see if the engine needs a replacement, you can check for oil present in the radiator, external leakage, and antifreeze in oil pans. You can also test the engine’s oil pressure when idle and the temperature following several minutes of idling based on manufacturer specifications to determine if you need a replacement. Otherwise, the only reason you’d want to replace the engine is for improved performance.


If your classic car uses a manual transmission, you’ll want to add the cost of a functioning clutch to the restoration. If the engine still works and you can safely operate the vehicle, try to shift it into gear. If the vehicle doesn’t move forward or reverse, this is indicative of the need for a new transmission. Even if the vehicle moves, if the transmission slips or takes more time to engage, you hear clunking when shifting gears or other sounds when accelerating or if you smell a burning fluid, it’s time to get a replacement for that transmission.

Vehicle Body Parts

If any part of the car’s body is damaged, you’ll likely want to get a replacement. Using Bondo to seal cracks and other damage is difficult to conceal, which may make it harder to resell, so replacing parts is more ideal if damage is present.

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