3 Top Tips for Finding the Right Dealer

by | Apr 29, 2016 | Automotive


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Looking for Subaru Dealers? Read on for some handy pointers from Bankrate on what qualities to look for:

1. You don’t need to come to the shop to get the information you need. When you call the dealer for a quote and he’s willing to negotiate online, without forcing you to come into the shop, then you’ve got a good dealer on your hands. According to the Business Insider, unscrupulous car dealers often do everything they can to get you to the store where they sell you something more expensive than the make or model you originally wanted just to squeeze out more for the dealership.
2. You found him through a referral. An excellent way to find honest car dealers—and they’re out there, they do exist—is to find them through a referral. So start working your network. If you know somebody who has the same make and model you want to get, ask for a name. Word-of-mouth recommendations often mean that car dealer is popular. Bonus points if they’ve been with the car dealership for some time. The auto sales field usually sees high turn-overs among staff. If they’ve stayed on for quite some time with that dealer, that could be a sign that they’re reliable and that people come to them because they’ve got a reputation for that.
3. You can see they know what they’re talking about. Dealers know they’ve got to get you to trust them. One way that trust is established is by a show of expertise. If they know their stuff—the safety features of that model, for instance—then you’re more likely to trust them—and trust what they say. With the internet, it’ll be easy enough for you to check facts, costs and other information about the car you want. You could ask the dealer about something and if they give you the right answer, you know they’re good as gold. Of course, try to make the question something about an obvious feature of the car. A lot of dealers aren’t going to be experts on obscure details regarding the cars they sell. You might walk away from the deal,  thinking you’ve tripped them up or that they’re pulling a fast one on you, when all they were being was clueless.

These are 3 handy tips to help you find a good, honest dealer out there. If you want to get in touch with Subaru Dealers in NY, ask us.

Our Subaru Dealers in NY will help you find the ride you want. For car repairs and shopping assistance, visit us at Grand Prix Subaru!

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