What to do if your windscreen has become severely damaged

by | Mar 27, 2014 | Autos


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Our windscreens are a vital component of our vehicles, protecting us from the high pressure of the outside atmosphere when we are driving at considerable speeds. Without a windscreen in front of us shielding us from the outside atmosphere, we would be at high risk from debris and gravel hindering our ability to drive safely and high wind speeds would also be extremely distracting. Windscreens are also important in protecting our vehicle when we are not in it as it ensures any potential criminals are not allow easy access into our vehicle. If your windscreen picks up severe damage, it is extremely unsafe to continue driving as you are putting yourself at high risk.
While windscreens are designed not to fragment when they have been damaged, they can still give way and they can also obscure your driving vision. The course of action that you need to take if your windscreen has become damaged will depend on the context of your situation and whether you are driving or not. Continue reading below to learn more about what to do if your windscreen becomes severely damaged.

If you are driving it is important to pull over as soon as possible

Many windscreen accidents can occur whilst you are driving on the road, and it is in these scenarios that you can be most at risk. Your windscreen may be damaged by objects that have been propelled at your windscreen at high speeds, or a windscreen that was already in poor condition may have suddenly given way. In such a situation it is absolutely crucial that you pull over at the earliest opportunity as it is extremely dangerous to carry on driving at high speeds with the damaged windscreen. Thankfully, many windscreen companies can drive out to your location and perform a repair service or provide you with a windscreen replacement in Cirencester.

Do not ignore the problem

Ignoring the problem and simply believing that it is only a minor complication that does not need immediate work is extremely dangerous. Damaged windscreens can suddenly collapse and give way at any time especially if you continue driving with them, so it is absolutely crucial that you call in a professional service to perform the necessary work.

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