Signs You Need BMW Service San Jose

by | Apr 2, 2014 | Auto


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Your BMW vehicle has the ability to tell you a wide array of things, such as when it needs to have gas and when it needs professional service. When you are proactive about the maintenance and repair of your vehicle, you can save a significant amount of money on repairs later down the road. Some signs that your BMW may need service from a professional mechanic are highlighted here.


Some clear signs that your tires may have an issue is if they have worn tread. Worn tread is considered anything below a depth of 1/16 inch. Some other signs of an issue include the presence of bulges or blisters in the tires or weathered sidewalls. Additionally, if your BMW is vibrating, this may be a clear indication that you need to actually replace the tires on your vehicle.

If you do not provide the proper maintenance for your tiers, it could lead to poor steering and handling of your car, which may lead to serious blow outs and accidents that result in damage and injuries.

Seized Engine

If you have knocking or light tapping sounds in your BMW, then this may be a clear indication of a seized engine. If you notice these sounds, it is crucial that you visit a BMW service in San Jose right away to ensure that the issue does not become worse down the road.

Overheated Engine

There are a number of warning signs that your engine may be overheating, with the clearest one being when the temperature gauge enters the red portion on the dial and you begin to smell burning metal or oil emitting from the radiator. This issue can be quickly remedied with a visit to your BMW Service in San Jose. Allowing this issue to continue will lead to significant and serious issues.

Timing Belt Issues

You should not be too alarmed when the timing belt breaks in your BMW vehicle, especially if you take note of the warning signs ahead of time. The hazardous indications to be aware of include more exhaust, shaking and very high pitched sounds while the vehicle is on.

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