Uses Of Bearings

by | Jan 2, 2013 | Automotive


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The function of a bearing is to reduce the friction caused between moving parts in an object or a machine. Bearings are designed to help anything with moving parts run smoothly. Bearings are present in so many common, every-day items and machines. They are also employed in machines that intricate and high-tech. As simple and ancient as the technology behind bearings in Minneapolis MN are, their usefulness extends to almost every sector of life.

There are two main types of bearings in Minneapolis MN—ball bearings and cylindrical roller bearings. Ball bearings are balls made from steel or ceramic, and are designed to handle forces that cover a smaller area. Cylindrical roller bearings have a cylinder shape and are designed to handle forces that cover a larger area. Both types of bearings prevent friction from building up between moving parts in a machine or object.

Ball bearings are the most common type of bearings in Minneapolis MN. They are present in many machines and objects that you use in your every-day life. Move into the room that has your television. Pop a DVD into your DVD player, sit on your couch, and just relax for a while. Thanks to ball bearings, you can watch that DVD. While the previews are playing, walk into your kitchen and grab a bag of microwave popcorn. Open the package, stick it in your microwave, and press the “popcorn” button. While you are waiting for your popcorn to pop, think about the ball bearing in your microwave that is making it possible for you to enjoy that yummy bag of popcorn. Maybe the phone rings while you are watching your favorite movie. It’s your boss asking you to get him a document he needs. Go into your home office, scan the document, and e-mail it to your boss. Thanks to a ball bearing that is in your scanner, you do not need to leave the comfort of your home to give your boss the important document he needs. Are you beginning to see how useful ball bearings are to you in your everyday life?

Cylindrical roller bearings in Minneapolis MN tend to be found in larger machines. Conveyor belts are one thing that employs cylindrical roller bearings. The escalator you hop on at the mall to take you to the second floor is working smoothly because of cylindrical roller bearings. Industrial equipment and machines also use cylindrical roller bearings. Maybe you have chosen a plot of land with a beautiful view and are now in the process of having a new home constructed. The dump trucks, bulldozers, and cement mixers that aid in the building of your new home all use cylindrical roller bearings.

Bearings Minneapolis MN – You can find many uses for bearings in Minneapolis MN. Discover more about bearings in Minneapolis MN today!

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