The RV Industry Expectations of Campers for Sale Growth Increase in 2013

by | Dec 27, 2012 | Automotive


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People in the United States are used to trading their used RVs and travelling trailers to purchase newer models and brands. The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association said “there would be an approximate 10% shipment increase of RV units by year end 2012.” With signs of potential economic growth, the RV dealers are expecting an increase in sales in 2013. RVs are one of the most valuable recreational products on the market.

The industry experienced a slight economic downturn in 2008 and is looking forward to a promising increase in sales. Today, analysts estimate that nearly 2.9 hundred thousand units will be shipped to US RV Dealers from manufacturers. This will increase inventory of previous owned campers for sale to offer to consumers of different economic backgrounds. One of the best selling products is the travel trailer RV.

Towing a RV Travel Trailer
First time buyers who are seeking to purchase a previous owned or new RV must learn about towing and inspection. The person who is driving a RV motor-home or towing a trailer has a responsibility before getting on the road. The person who is towing a trailer must first check the ball mount and pin to ensure it is attached properly. The hitch coupler must be secured as well as the hinges and safety clips. The electrical plug must be installed correctly and the safety chains should be attached.

There is a greater safety concern for travel trailer RVs than the RV motor homes. The vehicle used for towing must be a match for the trailer RV you are purchasing. The fifth wheel trailers have fewer concerns especially with proper weighting and balancing. When secured properly it is safe for people when towing.

The Safest RV/Travel Trailer Type
According to previous owners of RVs and travel trail, the RV motor homes are the safest on the highway and road. Of the hitch travel trailers, the fifth-wheel type RVs are considered to be the safest.  There are less balancing issues.

Learn the Parts of a RV Travel Trailer with Possible Security Concerns

  • The hitch, jaw, and mounting attachments
  • The use of handle to ensure proper functions of releasing and securing jaw attachment
  • The hitch attachment used to maneuver the trailer when making turns and driving curvy roads
  • The pin should always be secured tightly to the jaw attachment to ensure safety when travelling

If you are a first time buyer and looking for a cost efficient camper for sale (new or used) talk to a RV Expert with years of experience at a reputable dealership. Your vehicle has a role to play in towing the camper from location to location. A professional in the RV industry can answer questions and provide the best advice.

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