Use the internet to do comparison shopping for a used car

by | Dec 4, 2015 | Automotive


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If you are looking for a used Honda for sale in Michigan the internet is a great place to turn to first. There are numerous tools available that can help a buyer make an intelligent decision, anything from the vehicle specs, prices and local dealers.

When you are looking for information on prices, do not stray very far from home. A car that you may be looking for will have radically different prices depending on the area. Convertibles will be considerably more expensive in Southern California than they will be in Michigan. Most internet sites that do provide pricing information are well aware of this and they orient their site based on zip codes, in many cases without your zip code you cannot gain access to the site.

Buying a used Honda for sale in Michigan can be a wise move on your part, often you can get a great deal on a car that is only a couple of years old and the initial depreciation hit was taken by someone else. There are some pitfalls to buying a used car but most of these can be overcome if you know how to access information, do your homework; visit dealer web sites in your area, pull together a list with prices on cars that interest you long before you head to the dealer.

Once you visit the dealership and identify a car that meets your expectations, get a history report. This is a must! This is how you will find out if the vehicle you have your eye on has been flooded, had the odometer rolled back, has a salvage title or has been reported stolen.

The internet can also lead you to places where you can get funding for the purchase. You can opt to finance the car through the dealer or from an on-line financier. Although the interest rate charged by an on-line financier may be a little more attractive, you must have absolutely sterling credit to avail of it, often the rates are the same given to those who are buying new rather than used. If, on the other hand, your credit is not such that you can access these sources, you most certainly can expect approval on a loan through the dealer.

By this time you know the car you want and you have a good idea what you should be expected to pay; now it is time to negotiate with the dealer you have selected. When you go to the dealer, pre-armed with information you are in a very strong bargaining position, use this intelligently during tour negotiations and you will drive away in a great used car that you purchased for a reasonable price.

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