Top 5 Maintenance Tips to Help You Get the Most Out of Your New Electric Ford Vehicle

by | May 19, 2023 | Auto


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It wasn’t that long ago when electric cars were still considered a novelty, something only the wealthy owned – and even then, they weren’t considered very road-worthy.

Today? You can’t drive a block without seeing an electric vehicle as more drivers switch to eco-friendly rides thanks to technological advances.

If you’re considering buying a new electric Ford vehicle, you’re making a smart choice for the environment and your wallet. That said, taking care of an electric car isn’t quite the same as a gas-powered one; follow these five simple maintenance tips to keep your new ride running in top shape:

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Tip 1: Monitor Your Battery Charge Level

This isn’t much different than keeping your cell phone charged. Monitor your battery charge level regularly, and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for charging frequency and duration. Keeping your battery charged can also help extend its lifespan.

Tip 2: Stay on Top of Battery Maintenance

The battery is the heart of an electric vehicle. That’s why it’s following the recommended maintenance schedule for the battery is so important. When in doubt, take your vehicle in for service if you notice any issues with battery performance.

Tip 3: Keep Your Charging System Clean

Are you seeing signs of corrosion or debris in your charging system? Clean it regularly to ensure your vehicle charges properly. This will also help extend the life of the battery.

Tip 4: Take Advantage of Regenerative Braking

Many electric vehicles come equipped with regenerative braking systems, which use the energy from braking to recharge the battery. This also helps extend your vehicle’s range and reduces the wear on your brake pads.

Tip 5: Use the Right Charging Equipment

Using the wrong equipment can damage your battery and reduce your vehicle’s range. It’s also important that your charging equipment is installed correctly and maintained.

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