The Audi S5

by | May 31, 2024 | Car Dealership


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Motivation comes to the new Audi S5 in Philadelphia in the form of V-6 engine turbocharged by 249 horse power, which represents a major increase over the 261 horse power turbo-four that the standard S5 is powered by. Coming along with this more powerful powertrain is a more purposeful appearance and a sportier suspension tune. Upgrading to this new variant will add an extra $10,000 to the price tag in comparison to the basic model but the extra performance is likely to be worth it to many.

The personality of the new Audi S5 in Philadelphia is a tad tamer than some of its opposition however, including the Mercedes AMG C43 and the Caddy CT4-V Blackwing. The interiors of the S5 droptop and coupe variants are both spacious enough for two vehicles and it also comes with a rich and handsomely rendered interior and infotainment system. Multiple drive modes make it simple to switch between sporty and more comfortable driving experiences, with everything combining to make this a very liveable daily ride.

New in the Audi S5 Philadelphia

There are several new standard features included in the 2024 Audi S5 model. Added in this year by Audi are adaptive cruise control complete with a feature to ensure the car stays centred in the lane, a heated steering wheel, smartphone app-based remote start system and a parking aid feature. A more advanced adaptive cruise control system and traffic sign recognition are also included in the optional Navigation package. For More Updates, Follow Audi Cherry Hill on Instagram.

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