Solving Exhaust Color Issues at a Nissan Service Center Near St. Charles

by | Sep 14, 2020 | Automotive


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Vehicle exhaust should be nearly invisible with no discernible color. The one exception is white exhaust on very cold days. Otherwise, if the exhaust has developed noticeable color, the owner should bring the car or pickup truck to a Nissan service center near St. Charles. An automotive technician there can diagnose the problem and provide an estimate for repair work.


When vehicle exhaust turns blue, this indicates that the engine is burning oil instead of using it effectively. Typically, this happens because oil is leaking beyond worn seals and going into the cylinders. Repair service is necessary because engine failure is a significant risk. The work can be completed at a Nissan service center near St. Charles.


Although black exhaust looks dramatic, the problem usually is relatively minor compared to some engine issues. Two of the more common reasons for this black color are leaking fuel injectors and malfunctioning fuel pressure regulators.


The exhaust is more visible in very cold temperatures. It looks like white vapor while vehicles are idling. This is normal. A white hue is often seen when someone is waiting for the automobile to warm up a little before driving and when drivers are stopped at traffic lights.

Unfortunately, white exhaust on warm days may indicate a serious problem. This color can develop because the coolant is leaking into the engine. A telltale odor is evident as well.

When these problems occur, vehicle owners can schedule an appointment with Hawk Nissan of St. Charles.

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