2 Reasons Why You Should Program Your Vehicle’s Engine Control Unit

by | Sep 16, 2020 | Auto


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You have just installed a new custom exhaust system, intake manifold, and suspension kit. You are now test driving your vehicle with these new parts but find that it is not performing to your expectations. You might begin to think about all the reasons why this is happening. Here are 2 reasons why you should have your vehicle’s ECU (engine control unit) programmed or remapped.


One of the main reasons why you should have your car’s ECU remapped or programmed is so that it can improve your vehicle’s performance. As mentioned, you have installed new parts but it is still underperforming. This is because vehicle manufacturers typically set limitations on their vehicles. ECU Programming will remove the limitations so that your new parts will perform optimally with your vehicle.


Another reason why you should have your vehicle’s ECU programmed or remapped is so that you can further customize your vehicle according to your preference. For instance, you may have designated this vehicle to be used only for motorsport activities. So, it is likely that you are wanting to improve the car’s torque and power. The ECU can be custom programmed to specifically support motorsport activities.

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