Save Your Windshield with Rock Chip Repair

by | Nov 2, 2017 | Auto Parts


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If a person drives a car long enough, they will likely experience some sort of damage to the windshield of their vehicle. The question is how significant is the damage and can the damage be repaired as opposed to replacing the entire windshield? A lot of this depends on the type of damage, but it also depends on how quickly the car owner has the damaged windshield addressed by an auto glass professional.

Common Windshield Damage

A common occurrence is for a small pebble or rock to be kicked up off the road. This rock or pebble can strike the windshield and cause damage. Typically, the damage is in the form of a small chip.
In the past, the only way to properly deal with a windshield that was damaged in this fashion was to replace the windshield. However, today, auto glass technology can offer Rock Chip Repair.

New Window Repair Technology

In these instances, even large chips that are taken out of the windshield can be repaired and the windshield can be saved rather than going through the expense of having to replace the entire windshield. A special glass resin is used to fill the newly created chip.

This resin works to bond with the glass around the chip. As the resin cures, it becomes part of the glass. Not only does this eliminate the chip altogether, but it helps to reinforce the entire integrity of the windshield so that further damage is avoided.

Act Quickly to Save a Windshield

The reason why this needs to be done as quickly as possible is that even a small chip can drastically affect the structural integrity of a windshield. Often times, small chips can turn into a small crack. Once this happens, the crack will expand rather quickly and repair the windshield at this point will be impossible.

If the windshield on your car has recently been chipped by a rock, something as simple as Rock Chip Repair can make your windshield whole again without having to replace it. If you’d like to learn more about this or other types of auto glass repair or replacement, you might want to visit You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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