Reasons to Get ECU Tuning Done by a Professional

by | Jul 29, 2015 | Auto Repair


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A modern automobile has over 80 different computers, but the biggest and most important is the ECU, or engine control unit. Sometimes referred to as an ECM (engine control module), the ECY controls engine functions such as air/fuel mixture, spark timing and much more. Externally, the ECU resembles a box, but the internal components are actually quite complex. Repairs may seem simple, but they involve more than just unplugging the old unit and installing a new one. Below are some reasons to leave ECU repair and replacement to the pros.

Repair Technicians Know How to Adjust the ECU

Whether a driver needs an ECU replacement, or they want a tuning module installed, they should check all variables involved. Even small software changes can have serious consequences, up to and including engine failure. Even if the new ECU is exactly the same as the old one, auto mending in Mesa needs to be done carefully to make sure these variables are within tolerance limits. Simply put, an auto repair technician can make sure major components work well together.

Repair Shops Have the Right Equipment

A home mechanic, even a good one, can only plug a chip tuner in and hope for the best. If anything goes wrong, serious engine damage can result. Auto repair shops have the equipment to perform full diagnostic checks; the equipment isn’t budget-friendly for most car owners. Shops have the resources needed to buy the equipment, and they’re trained to use it.

Shops Have the Experience

Even an avid automotive enthusiast will only own one or two cars that need ECU tuning, and messing the process up can bring about a very high repair bill. Over the years, auto repair professionals have remapped and tuned ECUs on almost every make and model imaginable, and they know which mistakes to avoid.

There are many vendors online selling DIY tuning kits for ECUs, and there are several storefront operations offering the service. When it comes down to it, self-repair or modification of ECUs is a big risk; and most car owners are better off getting Auto Repair in Mesa done professionally at Business Name.

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