How To Compare Tire Costs

by | Nov 14, 2012 | Automotive


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Most people do not enjoy the expense and hassle of tire shopping. While they may understand that they need new tires to maintain the safety of their vehicle, they may still dread the process. Nowadays, there are so many tires in Orange, CA to choose between and such a wide range of prices. You want something durable and reliable but don’t want to pay a fortune. How do you know what price is really a good deal or if you are getting ripped off?

First of all, a clear understanding of tires in Orange and what this means for prices is important. The basic determining factor on what tire options you have to choose from is the type of vehicle that you drive. This will determine what size tire you can choose. In this regard, you really have no significant options. If you drive a large pickup truck your tires are going to be more expensive than if you drive a small, compact car. Moreover, within the size ranges of tires there are also different styles of tires available. High performance or specialty tires are generally more expensive than all season or general purpose tires.

Once you have decided upon what type of tire that you are shopping for, there are two main factors that determine the price of the tire: the brand name and the treadwear warranty. Deciding how much to spend is generally determined by budget and how long you plan on keeping your car. If you plan on driving your car for many years to come and you have the money, go ahead and purchase the expensive tires with the 80,000 mile warranty. You will probably be glad you did. On the other hand, if you plan on trading your car in soon or you have a limited budget, don’t be ashamed of purchasing the cheaper generic tire with a 35,000 warranty.

Finally, before heading out to tire shop, take the time to research the costs of service that are required in addition to the tires in Orange. Many tire shops will require additional charges for balancing or disposing of old tires. While this is common, taking the time to determine the best prices may save you money on the service. Buying tires in Orange does not have to be frustrating experience. When you shop armed with the knowledge of tire costs and options you may be better prepared to choose the right tires for your vehicle at a fair price.


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