Benefits of Having a Transmission Replacement Plano Installation Done on Your Vehicle

by | Nov 6, 2012 | Automobile maintenance‎


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Having a rebuilt transmission put into your vehicle is a great way to save money. When you take your vehicle to a transmission replacement Plano specialist, they can tell you what your options are and one of those options may be to simply rebuild your current transmission or have a rebuilt one installed. Here are some benefits of having a rebuilt transmission put into your vehicle when you’re having problems with the one that’s in there now.

Cost Efficient
If you’re on a tight budget and you can’t afford to have a new transmission installed in your car, a rebuilt one is the next best option. In some cases, you simply have new or reconditioned parts installed on your current transmission, but there will be times when it is beyond repair and you’ll need to have another transmission installed. Transmission replacement Plano services occur at a reputable shop where qualified experts do the work so you can be confident that you are getting something that will help your vehicle’s situation rather than making it worse.

In case there is any doubt that you are getting a quality transmission replacement, most reputable shops will provide you with a warranty for the product. Many warranties for rebuilt transmissions are extensive so you can be assured that you are getting a covered product and the shop will make the necessary repairs in case something goes wrong within the warranty period. If the shop is unwilling to provide a written warranty for the replacement transmission that they install in your vehicle, find another shop to do the work for you because reputable shops will always put things in writing for their customers.

Latest Parts and Components
When you buy a new transmission, there is always the chance that it’s a transmission that has been sitting around in a warehouse waiting to be purchased. It could have been sitting there for just a couple weeks or even a couple years. If the new transmission has been there for awhile, it’s likely that it doesn’t have the latest parts and components installed. But when you purchase a rebuilt transmission or have your current one rebuilt, the shop is going to order the latest parts to install. This means you’ll have a rebuilt transmission with some parts that are newer than if you had purchased a new one straight from the factory. This “upgraded” transmission can be a great addition to your vehicle without breaking your budget.

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