How To Buy Diesel Engine Performance Parts

by | Jan 31, 2017 | Auto Parts


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If you’re like many who own a diesel truck, you want to consider the best engine performance parts imaginable. While stock options can work well for many people, others want to improve their engines and how they run, act, perform and more. If you’re like them, you’ll want to consider which options will work best and why.

It’s no wonder that modern vehicles get more fuel economy and power than those from the past, but that doesn’t mean you can’t boost what your current truck gets.

Air Intake Systems

Cold air intakes have become a favorite staple in vehicles everywhere because they give more power and efficiency. The concept is rather simple because cooler and denser air is delivered to the engine. Therefore, you get better torque and horsepower without the motor working harder. You’ll also hear more of a throatiness when the vehicle runs without it being overbearing.

Throttle Body Spacers

These work well with air intake systems because the spacer is installed between the manifold and throttle body. The air then passes through the spacer, generating a high-speed effect. As the air reaches the combustion chamber, the air atomizes better with the gasoline, resulting in more power, better combustion, and better fuel economy.

Power Programmers

Another of the diesel engine performance parts is the power programmer (or chip if you prefer). These are designed to alter ignition timing, transmission mapping, and fuel curve. It works to change the engine’s redline and will set the motor to maximum fuel efficiency and power. You can also reset and read trouble codes more easily.


Most people don’t realize that the exhaust system can affect the motor, but it does. The gasses from the motor are pushed out more easily when you have a wider tip and a straighter pipe. Not to mention many like the louder sound.

These are just some examples of things people purchase when shopping to enhance the performance of their truck.

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