5 Signs of the Need for Alignment Services in St. George, UT

by | Feb 10, 2017 | Auto Repair, Automobile, Automotive, Tires


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Many of a car’s parts work in unison to keep it on the road. If the vehicle’s wheels are misaligned, it can be difficult to stay straight on the road, and the car’s fuel efficiency may suffer. A vehicle can become misaligned if it hits a pothole or if the tires are not properly balanced. If a driver notices any of the below signs, they should bring the vehicle in for alignment services in St. George UT.

A Crooked Steering Wheel

One of the most evident signs of an alignment issue is a crooked steering wheel. If the driver has to hold the wheel to either side to keep the vehicle moving in a straight line, there may be a steering or alignment issue at play.

Soft Pulling

If the driver takes their hands off the steering wheel for a second and notices that the vehicle drifts to either side, there’s a soft pulling problem. These issues are not noticeable during normal driving, but the car tends to drift slightly to one side or the other.

Hard Pulling

If the vehicle’s alignment is very bad, the driver will have to constantly struggle to hold the car straight. Hard pulling is dangerous because of the constant corrections required to keep the car on the road. If driving is difficult because the vehicle keeps pulling to the side of the road, take it in for an alignment immediately.


Because the car’s tires will want to go in different directions, poor alignment can cause the vehicle to vibrate and shake during use. If the vehicle is vibrating severely, take it in for Alignment Services in St. George UT right away.

Uneven Tire Tread Wear

Drivers should regularly inspect their tires to make sure they’re undamaged, properly inflated, and wearing evenly. If one tire’s tread is wearing faster than the others, an alignment issue may be to blame.

If a driver believes they’re suffering from an alignment issue, they should contact CMC Tires right away. The team offers full service on most vehicles, including the all-important wheel alignment. Call or click today to schedule service.

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