A Comparison of New vs Used Cars

by | Jun 1, 2017 | Auto Repair


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Everyone has a preference when it comes to purchasing a car. New cars have their obvious benefits, but so does a used car. The purchase just depends on preference. Below is a comparison of both options and will help you choose which route is the best for you.

New Cars Benefits

The distinct benefit to purchasing a new car is that you are the first and only owner. The car is brand new and offers all the up to date technology and driving systems the industry has to offer. When buying a new car, there are more incentives and rebates offered than with used cars. You can pay thousands of dollars less than the sticker price if you qualify for all the offers the dealers have. Car dealers in Palatine can provide these savings to the driver. Visit your local store today.

In addition, buying new gives you peace knowing that you are driving a fresh from the factory car that has not seen a road or highway. The chances of it breaking down are slim and most dealers provide a warranty on the car should something happen

Used Cars Benefits

Used cars are a common purchase in today’s age. When it comes to insurance rates, the cost tends to be lower as the vehicle is not worth as much as a new car. This can be significant savings depending on the car. Since you are saving money when you purchase a new car, this enables you to be able to purchase a higher class of car. You would be able to afford a more luxury car if you desire for a fraction of the cost if you were to buy new.

Used cars are reliable and maintenance is imperative, just as with a new car. The cost for any repair can be cheaper as they do not require the most recent parts and technology for installation.

Car dealers in Palatine offer a varied array of new and used cars. Contact Arlington Heights Ford online at http://www.ahford.net for your car needs.

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