Bikers Should See & Be Seen

by | May 24, 2014 | Automotive


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Using the word “biker” to describe anyone who rides a motor cycle for whatever reason; all bikers constantly expose themselves to risk of injuries that can be serious; even life threatening. With only two wheels; a motor cycle is inherently unstable and its rider is provided with virtually no protection (when compared to the metal box that surrounds the drivers of vehicles with more wheels).

It’s Rarely You; But, Often, It’s Others Who Cause The Accident

Bikers have to remember that they are sharing the road with a lot of other vehicles with four wheels or more. Very few of the automobile and truck drivers that a biker encounters on the road will have ever ridden a motor cycle and all of them will tend to under estimate what a motor cyclist can do when it comes to stopping the bike or taking evasive action – especially when the roads are wet or, even worse, icy. Afterwards, when the driver of the vehicle you have collided with; says things like – “I didn’t see you coming”; or, I thought you would stop in time; or at least swerve around me” – that does not change the fact that you could be dead or seriously injured.

Increase Your Chances Of Survival

Most bikers are safe and responsible riders (their lives depend upon it) and it is probably impossible to change the mindset of those on four wheels or more; so, what can be done? Particularly in conditions of poor light; not only at night; but, also when the weather is cloudy or wet; when an approaching motor cycle can be difficult to see. If bikers always rode with their headlights on; even in full daylight, this will significantly increase their visibility and, maybe, save their lives.

OK; you agree with this; but, you then say that you are riding a lovingly restored Harley; complete with its original old headlight and those old Harley Davidson Headlights are nothing like the high intensity lights available today. You feel that; should you swap out the old OEM light; you will severely damage the true, vintage, look of your bike (which, possibly, you never ride after dark).

However, your thinking is flawed; there are specialist bike shops who can easily sell you Harley Davidson Headlights that, in exterior, visible appearance are indistinguishable from your ancient OEM light; but, these lights are equipped inside with the very latest in high intensity illumination systems – which will make you more visible to other road users.

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