Insurance Companies and Auto Body Work in Eudora, KS

by | May 21, 2014 | Automotive


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Most drivers will eventually be involved in a traffic accident with collision damage. Fortunately, auto body work in Eudora KS can restore vehicle body to the point where there is no evidence that body damage occurred. When a motorist gets into an accident involving body damage for the first time, they wonder how the process will work with insurance companies that are going to pay for the body work. In most instances, the motorist does not have to worry about insurance billing issues. The body shop and the insurance company have gone through this process many times with previous customers. It is actually quite simple for a consumer to get auto body repair with insurance paying for the cost.

The motorist needs to file an initial claim for the body damage on the car. Unless another driver’s insurance company is admitting liability, the motorist will need to make a claim under the comprehensive or collision portion of his own policy. After the claim has been filed, a claim number will be given. The shop doing auto body work Eudora KS will need the claim number as well as the auto insurance information to do the insurance billing.

When the consumer brings in the damaged car for the first time, a body shop employee will inspect the car in order to come up with an estimate on the cost of the repairs. Photographs of the car will be taken while the estimate is being completed. All of the information needed for the estimate will be uploaded electronically to the insurance company. Once the insurance adjuster approves the estimate, the repairs on the consumer’s vehicle can begin.

If there is additional damage found during the repair process, the body shop can ask for a revised estimate by contacting the insurance company’s supplement department. This is a normal and frequent occurrence when there is body repair since a lot of damage can be hidden.

When the repairs are complete, the insurance company will pay the body shop for the cost of the repairs minus the deductible. The motorist pays the deductible directly to the body shop. The process to get auto insurance to pay for body damage is quite simple and easy.

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