Battery Factoids Everyone Should Know

by | Jan 15, 2018 | Business


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Batteries are one of the most fascinating inventions of the recent past and have vastly expanded the human potential to move, travel, interact, and explore the natural environment. Just think, without batteries there would be no space program, no cars, no portable flashlights, no hearing aids, no pacemakers, and the list goes on. In fact, the moon landing would never have taken place without the use of high-tech (at the time) batteries!

Here are a few other shocking factoids about batteries that will add voltage to any slow-moving conversation:

Thank You, Mr. Volta

Since Alessandro Volta invented the very first workable battery in 1798, the portable power-units have become ubiquitous, with U.S. consumers now purchasing about 3 billion of the things annually. More power to them!

Was Volta Really the First?

Archaeologists think that Volta was likely not the first person to build a battery. An ancient Iraqi pot contained an iron rod completely surrounded by a cylinder-like copper component. So, maybe the ancients possessed crude forms of batteries. For what purpose we can only guess.

“Expiration Dates” are Misleading

Unlike dairy products that need to be disposed of after their expiration dates, batteries’ listed expiration dates have a different meaning. When a battery package says, “2020-12-03,” it means the unit will begin losing some of its charge close to that date. It will still have much of its usefulness left, and can even be recharged in most cases. In other words, don’t throw batteries out when they reach the expiration dates.

Long, Long Ago

The ancient Latin word “battuere,” which meant “to strike” is behind all modern uses of the word “battery.” Before electric batteries were invented, the term referred almost exclusively to artillery batteries, or groups of guns. The modern use is rather far removed from that original Latin meaning. Visit website for more information. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.

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