4 Safe Practices in a Pandemic with a Subaru Dealership in Bend OR

by | May 19, 2020 | Autos


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The spread of the coronavirus affects everyone in all walks of life, especially after the World Health Organization declared the COVID-19 as a global pandemic. With health officials urging people for more social distancing and avoiding public gatherings, a Subaru dealership in Bend, OR has employed several steps to ensure that its customers can still receive the service they need safely.

Cleaning High-Touch Points Regularly

A respected dealership should already be doing this on a daily basis, but the situation now calls for an increased frequency of cleaning and sanitizing. Several steps that can be taken to ensure that the dealership is clean, such as closing non-essential areas or cleaning high-touch surfaces every 30 minutes.

High-touch points may include door handles, counters, credit card machines, phone handles, as well as the chairs and tables in the waiting area. Employee areas such as the kitchen, toilet, and coffee area are being taken into consideration as well. It should give you peace of mind when you see that a shop is being proactive and dedicated to safeguarding your health.

Maintaining a Safe Distance

To protect all customers’ safety, the rules of social distancing are strictly followed as well. Now, there is a “6-foot rule” that comes into effect not only when they’re walking out and about, but also when stepping into a dealership. There’s also a limit on how many customers can be inside the room at the same time. Typically, it is limited to only three customers in the store at once. With that said, it’s advised to make an appointment prior to visiting a dealership.

Protecting the Vehicles on Display

Before showing any vehicle to customers, dealers make sure to clean all the high-touch points on its interior and the exterior. The door handles and steering wheel are the two most frequently touched spots when inspecting a car. Dashboard controls and gear shifters should also be sanitized after each showing. Moreover, dealership employees and staff should be wearing gloves when interacting with customers.

Dealers are knowledgeable about which cleaning products to avoid as well. Although recommended for eliminating the novel coronavirus, dealers avoid using bleach or hydrogen peroxide when cleaning the car’s interior because it can incur damages to plastic materials that can be found in most vehicles today. Other substances to avoid include any cleaning products containing ammonia as well as glass cleaners. Ammonia-based products can break down the vinyl on the dashboard and make it sticky, while glass cleaner can destroy the anti-glare coating on touchscreen displays.

Enforcing Strict Employees Health Policy

Following the governments’ advice for employers to commit to a work-from-home policy, car dealerships also encourage non-essential staff or sick employees to stay at home. The ones who need to be in the office are also trained not to shake hands, to practice social distancing at work, and to wash their hands regularly. Some dealers may also implement staggered work hours to minimize personal contact between employees.

Shopping for vehicles during the COVID-19 pandemic can still be a safe and enjoyable experience if you trust that your dealership is doing all they can to protect you. Check out Subaru of Bend near Eugene OR, a premier retailer of new and used Subaru vehicles.

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