Windshield Replacements with Discount Auto Glass in Laurel MS

by | Jun 20, 2014 | Automotive


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Does it look like it’s time to replace your car’s windshield? If it has acquired any cracks or chips lately, it would be best to acknowledge them as of now. Even very small cracks or chips can render your windshield unsafe for use on the road, and a replacement may be in order. Here are some things to know about windshield replacements offered with Discount Auto Glass in Laurel MS.

To Repair or Replace?

Windshield repairs and windshield replacements are conducted differently. Even with the help of technologically advanced techniques that have become commonplace, most windshields that qualify for a repair only have small chips and cracks that are three inches long at most. Some companies are able to repair cracks that are longer than three inches, however, so the prospect of a repair is not automatically out of the question. Another factor that should be accounted for is where the crack is located. If there are cracks along the edges or chips that are in the driver’s field of vision, a replacement is probably best.

Proper Replacements

Always make sure a facility offering discount auto glass is compatible with your vehicle and is operated by technicians registered under the Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards Council. Is it important that the windshield replacement is an OEM, or original equipment manufacturer, product? OEM windshields are tailored to the car model, thus ensuring a windshield replacement that is exactly like the old one. Aftermarket windshields are not produced for any specific vehicle, but they are cheaper than OEM windshields and are required by law to either match or exceed the safety and quality standards of OEM windshields.

Never Ignore the Problem

The best way to minimize the chances of causing further damage to the windshield is to have every crack and chip repaired as soon as it appears. If the crack or chipping worsens, the windshield will probably need to be replaced. Repairing every minor flaw may seem like a waste, but taking early action will save you money in the long run.

It’s not expensive or difficult to obtain a high-quality windshield replacement for your car. The prices for windshield replacements are more or less the same in the US, and it is usually possible to file a windshield insurance claim if the deductible can be paid. Seek auto glass repair facilities that offer Discount Auto Glass in Laurel MS.

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