Why It Is Important To Get Flood Insurance In St. Augustine, FL

by | Dec 31, 2014 | Automotive


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Have you looked at your homeowners’ insurance policy lately? If so, does it contain a clause for flood insurance? A good majority of people neglect to carry flood insurance simply because they don’t believe they will ever need. However, natural disasters are occurring in the oddest of places. Where you were almost 100 percent sure of no flooding in some zones, now you just don’t have that security. An insurance company believes you should get flood insurance in St. Augustine, Florida just for the added protection for your home. If you ever heard the phrase “better to have and not need than to need and not have,” you will know it certainly applies. Following are reasons listed by FEMA as to why having flood insurance is necessary.

•  Although you may have homeowners’ insurance, in a lot of incidences, floods are not covered. It is best to have that specific insurance as a buffer.
•  Flood insurance will cover the losses you sustain in a flooding. Some people believe that FEMA covers these disasters automatically. That is not always the case, and even so, the monies received from such federal assistance are loans that must be paid back. With flood insurance, you avoid this headache.
•  Flood insurance will cover the small floods that normally disaster relief agencies would not be involved in. Minor flooding in your establishment can easily run up into thousands of dollars quickly. Having flood insurance will give you the peace of mind that this is covered.

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